About Us

Jennifer Couch sewing a recycled bag on a cylinder arm sewing machine

JENCI was created by Jennifer Couch. She grew up in a small coastal town in Maine. learning to sew as little girl by watching and helping her mother and grandmother sew items for the family Art and Craft Gallery. "It seems like I've been designing and sewing my whole life".

Now an Akron Ohio resident, with a passion for recycling, what could be better than creating bags and purses from vintage clothing with a moth hole or perhaps an out of style cut! She also uses upholstery leftovers from her friend's slipcover shop that were destined for the trash. Clothes are gently deconstructed and re-sewn using her original designs. Pockets are reused and original elements of garments are re-imagined. They feature leather belt straps, silk ties, and antique buttons. "Each piece is a puzzle, that has a story behind it, and that's what keeps me going."



  • using materials with less environmental impact
  • using fewer materials overall in the manufacture of products
  • using fewer resources during the manufacturing process
  • producing less pollution and waste
  • reducing the environmental impacts of distributing products
  • ensuring that products use fewer resources when they are used by end customers
  • ensuring that products cause less waste and pollution when in use
  • optimizing the function of products and ensuring the most suitable service life
  • making reuse and recycling easier
  • reducing the environmental impact of disposal